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Premium SMS


Shiftboard’s Premium SMS tool allows two-way communication between members and the Shiftboard site via text messages. Members can be notified of a new available shift by a text message, and can then respond to that text to pick up the shift or request information. This is especially useful for communicating with a mobile or dispersed workforce who may not always have access to email or their Shiftboard site.

How to Use Premium SMS

Once Premium SMS is activated in the Shiftboard site, Site Administrators and Managers can use the service by creating a shift (possibly with multiple positions) and selecting the Post and Notify option:

In the pop-up window, check “Use Premium SMS” to send out this shift as a SMS. Additional information can be included in a note in the text message. Remember that the entire length of a text message is limited to 160 characters, and that basic shift details are already listed, so notes must be brief.

After the OK button is clicked, a text message will be sent out to all members of the team. (To send it to only members listed as available members, check the appropriate box.)

Below is an example of the text message that team members will receive letting them know that the shift is available

Each team member will receive a unique code to reply with for each shift. By replying with that code, they will be able to pick up the shift. Like all pick-up shifts, these are processed on a first-come, first-served basis. If a member responds to the text after the shift has already been taken, they will receive the following message:

Additional Information

The Premium SMS feature is only available in the Small Business Plus and larger packages. It includes an additional fee based on the volume of monthly texts sent to or from (both are counted) the system.

To learn more about Premium SMS or add it to a Shiftboard subscription, please contact Support at

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