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Select Shiftboard sites are currently using the new interface. If you do not yet have access to the new interface, please continue to refer to our existing Support documentation. Additionally, some designs may have been modified since this document was written. However, functionality remains the same.


Shiftboard uses top and left navigation bars to give you access to your dashboard, account information, calendar, and more. You may have some or all of the menu options shown below depending on how your site is configured. For example, if your site is not set up to use the timeclock functionality, you will not see the timeclock icon.

Top navigation bar

  1. Logo—Clicking the logo displays your dashboard.
  2. Clock in/out—Opens the Clock In/Out page.
  3. Name—Shows your name and avatar.
  4. Avatar—Click the avatar to view the drop-down menu.

Avatar drop-down menu

You may have some or all of the menu options shown below depending on how your site is configured:

  1. My account—Takes you to your account page where you can update your contact information, notification preferences, PIN, and password.
  2. Privacy policy—Allows you to read and accept Shiftboard’s privacy policy.
  3. Log out—Logs you out of Shiftboard.

Left navigation bar

When you log in to Shiftboard, you will be on the Dashboard page, which provides a quick view of shifts assigned to you this week, along with your site news. You can navigate to the full schedule to see additional information about your assigned shifts. If your site is configured to allow picking up shifts, you will be able to view open shifts on the schedule. See more details on the Dashboard and Schedule pages.

  • Left navigation bar

  1. Dashboard—Opens your dashboard that shows assigned shifts for the week and your site news.
  2. Schedules— Shows you all your assigned shifts and any shifts that are available / open.
  3. Teams—Opens a page with information about your workgroup(s)/team(s).
    Note: if your workgroup name is not Team, you will see your workgroup name.
  4. Tradeboard - Displays offered and completed shift trades.
  5. Timecard—Takes you to the Timecard page where you can view timecards.
  6. Availability—Add to and view your availability.
  7. Time off—Allows you to submit a time-off request, and lists your requested and approved time off.
  8. Support - Takes you to our Support site with documentation and videos.

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