FAQ for Managers

How do I make someone a site administrator?
Please see our article on how to make someone a site administrator for more information.
How can I copy an existing schedule?
Please see our article on how to duplicate an existing schedule for more information.
How do I resolve invoice and billing concerns?
For questions regarding your billing, please email our billing department at billing@shiftboard.com.
I deleted a group of shifts; how can I recover them?
ScheduleFlex does not have a way to undo deleted shifts, but you can download deleted shifts and upload them back into the system. See our article on the Shift Deletion Audit report for more information.
As a manager I don’t see the account I just created in my people list. What happened?
As a team manager, you will only see accounts in your People list that are already assigned to at least one of your teams. You will now need to add this new account to one of your teams using the Add Memberships tool.
How can I make changes to my shifts in bulk?
Please see our article on how to make bulk changes for more information.
How can I send a broadcast?
Please see our article on the broadcast messaging tool for more information.
How can I run reports?
To access your reporting tools, you will need to click the page icon to the left of your name that you see in the desktop version of your site. From here, you can run a number of reports to pull all the data you might need from your ScheduleFlex site. If you have questions around a specific report, please contact our support team with your specific questions for more help.
I’d like to update our logo/banner, how do we do that?
Updating your site banner is something only the ScheduleFlex support team can do. Please email our support team with the new image you’d like to use attached, and we can then make those changes for you.

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