Edit Shifts in Bulk

Shiftboard's Bulk Change tool allows Site Administrators and Managers to specify which shifts to apply edits to all of them at once. Take the following steps to bulk change shifts.

  1. Go to the Calendar > Schedules
  2. Select the first shift you want to edit and select Change from the right hand side
  3. Select Bulk Change in the upper right left corner
  4. Filter for the shifts that match your criteria for the changes. Make sure you add the date range you need to make those changes for and select Preview

Please note: This is NOT the place to make changes to the shifts; this is a filter for specifying exactly which shifts you are looking for.

  1. Review the shifts to confirm they are correct. If correct, select Next

*If the list is not accurate, select Modify Selection to adjust the filters on the previous step

  1. Make the change(s) you want to apply to the shifts in bulk. Select Yes, Change at the bottom of the page to apply those changes

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