Broadcast Messages

Broadcast Messages can be used to send a message to multiple recipients by email and SMS/TXT. Broadcasts can be sent to all members, specific teams, or custom groups of members based on profile information, availability, or geographic location.

Send a Broadcast Message 

To send a broadcast, select Teams > Broadcast. Set appropriate filters for the message and review before sending.

  1. New Message: Displays who the message is sent from
    1. Reply To--The email address that responses (if any) to the broadcast message will be sent to. This defaults to the email address of the person who is sending the message.
    2. Name--The name that is displayed in the From field of the sent message.
  2. Distribution: Displays who should receive the message
    1. Status--Filter recipients based on their status (e.g., good standing, admin hold, etc.)
    2. Profile--Filter recipients based on a specific profile type
      1. Filters--if a profile is chosen, additional profile fields can be chosen to filter further
    3. Site Score--If Account Scoring is used, filter recipients based on their scores
    4. Teams--Click Selected Teams to choose from teams. Site Admins have the option to include everyone to message the entire organization.
    5. Everyone--Use the checkboxes to select whether to send the message to any combination of members, coordinators, or managers.
    6. This Area--Limit recipients based on their proximity to a specific zip/postcode. Select the desired radius from the "This Area" drop-down, then enter the zip/postcode. This option will check proximity based on the address on each member's profile. Any members with no address information in their profile will be excluded from the message distribution.
    7. Everyone--Use this dropdown to select one of the following:
      1. Everyone--Sends the message to any members who satisfy the other filters/criteria entered.
      2. Have Signed-on--Sends the message only to members who have signed on to their account at least once.
      3. Have Not Signed-on--Sends the message only to members who have not yet signed on to their account.
      4. With Assignments--Sends the message only to members who are currently assigned shifts during a specified day/time range.
      5. Without Assignments--Sends the message only to members who are not currently assigned shifts during a specified day/time range.
  3. Recipients: The list of people who should receive this message via email (SMS recipients are not logged here). The list will change as filters get updated. You can also remove or add individuals from the list.
    1. Matches--Number of people populated from the filtering
    2. Added--Number of people added to the recipient list outside of the original filtered group
    3. Removed--Number of people manually deselected from the original filtered group
    4. Undeliverable--Number of people with undeliverable email addresses on file.
  4. Information: Section for the message content including subject and body. Messages can be marked as urgent in this section and be set to go out via SMS/text as well as email. Note: if SMS is selected, formatting options disappear.

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