What is a Manager?

Manager is a Team-specific permission level. Managers have all of the permissions they need to do all of the scheduling for their team. They can add, change, delete, assign, unassign, publish, and unpublish shifts individually or in bulk. They can also run reports, send messages to members of their teams, view those members’ contact and other information, and make some updates to people’s accounts.

Depending on what tools are enabled in an organization’s site, Managers may be able to undertake other tasks as well, like approving Timecards, writing Manager Notes, approving and denying Trades or Time Off requests, and other functions.

Depending on the settings in an organization’s Shiftboard site, Managers may be able to add or remove members from their teams, receive notifications about changes to their teams’ shifts, or alter other settings from the team’s settings page. One of the Managers of a team will be the team's Primary Contact who receives additional emails for that team.

Depending on the settings for the team, it may be possible for Managers to make other people Managers of their team as well. 

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