What is a Coordinator?


A coordinator is a Team-specific permission level. Coordinators are used in a few different ways in Shiftboard depending on the needs of an organization. They can add, change, and delete unpublished (draft) shifts and view the whole calendar for their team. These shifts require a Manager to approve and publish them before they're visible to members. Coordinators also have access to approve timecards for members. 

Coordinators may be able to assign or unassign shifts, run reportssend messages to members of their teams, and view those members’ basic contact information. Depending on what tools are enabled in your organization’s site, they may be able to undertake other tasks as well, like writing (but not reading) Manager Notes or other functions. 

Coordinators have the most configurable access of all of the membership levels in Shiftboard. There are options in the Team settings and in the General Settings areas that will allow a Site Administrator to determine what other functions Coordinators have access to.

Follow the same steps to make someone a Coordinator as to make someone a Manager of a team. 

Coordinators as Third-Party Users

One of the unique features of Shiftboard is the ability to give a third-party user not only visibility to the schedule, but also the opportunity to request shifts. This is a powerful feature that many staffing companies and contracting organizations use to give their clients more tools, and it also helps streamline the staffing process.

Three-party staffing example

Imagine running a warehouse staffing company, StaffCo Staffing, and scheduling two types of people: drivers and loaders. Your two main clients, Northern Freight and Southern Logistics, both request extra holiday staff from StaffCo Staffing. Your employees (the drivers and loaders) are qualified to work for either Northern Freight or Southern Logistics. In this case, you set up your Shiftboard site to have four teams:

  • Northern Freight drivers
  • Northern Freight loaders
  • Southern Logistics drivers
  • Southern Logistics loaders

All of the drivers are Members of the Northern Freight Drivers and Southern Logistics Drivers teams, and all of the loaders are Members of the Northern Freight Loaders and Southern Logistics Loaders teams (except for perhaps a few who aren't qualified for both or live far from one location). If someone is trained to be both a driver and a loader, they might be on all four teams. Both drivers and loaders will know where to go each day because they'll be able to see all of the shifts they are working on the Calendar.

The client at Northern Freight will be the Coordinator of the Northern Freight Drivers and Northern Freight Loaders teams, while the client at Southern Logistics will be the Coordinator of the Southern Logistics Drivers and Southern Logistics Loaders teams. This will give these clients the ability to see the schedules for the workers being sent to them and the ability to request shifts by creating shifts that are unpublished.

These Coordinators are only able to see information that pertains to their company because those are the only teams that they have permission to see. Unless you allow them to make other changes, they won't be able to schedule your staff without your approval.

You are the Manager of all four teams so that you can approve shifts by publishing them or make other changes as needed. You'll be able to tell in real time who you have available to work shifts and what requests you still have outstanding that you need to fill. 

Coordinators as Scheduling Helpers

A Coordinator can be set up as a Team Manager, but with fewer permissions. In this case, the Coordinator can edit existing shifts and run reports if necessary before having the final schedule approved (and published) by a Manager. This is useful if an organization has many small teams who can mostly manage themselves but need their staffing plans signed off to make sure they're under budget or meet special requirements. 

Coordinators as Timecard Approvers

Coordinators can be given access to approve timecards. This is a sitewide setting that can be turned on by going to Settings>Application Settings>Timekeeper>Allow Coordinators to Approve Timecards=Yes>Update. Coordinators will only see a read-only version of the timecard and will only be able to either approve the timecard or add in a note. 

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