Assigning Shifts : New User Interface

Select Shiftboard sites are currently using the new interface. If you do not yet have access to the new interface, please continue to refer to our existing Support documentation. Additionally, some designs may have been modified since this document was written. However, functionality remains the same. 


There are several ways to assign people to shifts. You can assign them during bulk upload, or you can assign them at any point in your scheduling workflow. Here are the ways that you can assign shifts depending on your workflow.

  • Assign a shift at the time a shift is created (see Add Shifts)
  • Assign a shift while making other changes to a shift (see Edit Shifts)
  • Assign a group of shifts using the Bulk Assign tool (see Bulk Update)
  • Assign people from a sign-up list (see Sign-up Lists)
  • Assign shifts from the Shift Details page. This method is covered in this article.

How to assign shifts from the shift details page

When you are ready to fill a shift or multiple positions on the same shift, navigate to the calendar (Schedules > Shifts), then click any open shift to view details for that shift:

To assign the shift, click Assign:

The Edit Shift page opens to the Assignment tab, and indicates the number of positions that can be assigned:

To assign the shift, select one or more people from the scrollable drop-down list, and click Publish:

Choose whether you want to notify the people that they have been assigned to the shift. Add a message (optional). Then click Publish:

Using filters to change the assignability list

When assigning shifts, use the Filter to change the list of assignable people. You can filter by permission level, change the profile, override conflict checking, and more.

  1. Include up to—By selecting from the drop-down options, you can choose which people to include in your assignable list. You can include up to:
    1. Worker (only workers/talent)
    2. Coordinator (workers/talent and coordinators)
    3. Managers (everyone including managers)
  2. Profile type—This drop-down allows you to filter the Assignable list based on the profile type.
  3. Ignore conflicts—Shiftboard defaults to showing people who are available for a shift (this prevents double booking). However, there are instances when you may need to double book someone. By checking Ignore Conflicts, you override the default setting.
  4. Ignore overtime—There are instances where you may need to allow overtime. By checking Ignore Overtime, you can override the default setting.
  5. Honor availability—For every site, Shiftboard assumes that either everyone is available for work or busy, which is determined by site setting. Each person can then change their availability to contradict the site setting:
    1. If the site setting assumes everyone is available for work, then individuals can set times that they are busy.
    2. If the site setting assumes everyone is busy, then individuals can set times that they are available. Important: In this case, people must proactively enter the times they are available, otherwise, they will not show up in the Assignable list.
      When enabled, the Honor Availability filter checks this information, and includes only people who are available in the Assignable list.
  6. Ignore timeoff—When this filter is enabled, then people with approved time off will be listed as assignable.
  7. Sort by seniority—When this filter is enabled, then people will show up in the Assignable list in order of their hire date.
  8. Require seniority—When this filter is enabled, only people who have a hire date associated with their account will show up in the Assignable list. This setting allows managers to assign shifts to people with seniority.
  9. Restrict to one shift a day—Selecting this option will limit the availability list to people who are not already working shifts that start on this day.

How to reassign a shift from the shift details page

From the calendar (Schedules > Shifts), click any assigned shift to view details for that shift:

To reassign the shift, click Reassign:

The Edit Shift page opens to the Assignment tab:

To reassign the shift, select a person to assign, and click Publish:

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