Permission Levels Overview

Every member in a Shiftboard site has a combination of permissions based on their various Team memberships, as well as a site-wide permission level. A person can have a mix of permissions across various teams, so someone who is a Manager of one team will have more options for that team's schedule and members, but not for teams where they're only a member.

Site Permission Levels

Everyone in a Shiftboard site is either a Member or a Site Administrator with regards to the entire site. People who are Managers or Coordinators of specific teams will usually be members at the site level.

  • Members don't have any access to settings or features on their own, but may have access based on their team permissions.
  • Site Administrators have global access and can view or update anything in the site, including financial and security information. 

Team Permission Levels

Every person can belong to one or more Teams. On those teams, a person will be either a Member, Coordinator, or Manager.  

  • Members are regular workers who need to get their schedule, possibly pick up shifts, clock in/out, submit Time Off requests, edit their contact information, and make other personal updates. However, members cannot view anyone else's information by default. 
  • Coordinators can add, change, and delete unpublished (draft) shifts and view the whole calendar for their team. Coordinators may have other permissions based on how an organization's Shiftboard site is configured. This is a highly configurable permission level and can even be configured in a way to provide read-only access to client accounts. 
  • Managers have all of the permissions they need to do all of the scheduling for their team, run reports, send messages, view contact and other information, and make some updates to people’s accounts. They may be able to undertake other tasks as well, like approving Timecards, writing Manager Notes, approving and denying Trades or Time Off requests, and other functions.

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