When to contact Shiftboard Support: For End Users

Users: having trouble with Shiftboard? Please start here!

Operational questions should be directed to your Manager or Site Administrator:

Internationally many different organizations use Shiftboard. They are each responsible for the schedules and team structures in your organization’s Shiftboard instance, and also control your user account and system access. Hence your organization Manager and / or Site Administrator can best assist you with these types of questions:

  • Questions related to your timecard, payroll or tax information
  • Specific questions about assigned shifts you are working
  • Requesting a callout from your assigned shift or following up after an absence
  • Joining a new Workgroup/Team within an organization
  • Questions about the information in a Welcome Letter you have received or are waiting on
  • Processing your Registration to make you an active Shiftboard user
  • Technical Assistance with 3rd party applications that your organization may use in addition to our product. 

Because we do not create or process the shifts and timecards you work in Shiftboard, nor activate your account registration, we will need to direct any questions received on these topics to your relevant site contacts.

If you need a refresher on how to perform certain Shiftboard functions, there are a variety of Guides available to help.

In addition here are some answers to some Frequently Asked Questions:


Solution and things to check

Can’t Log into your account?

Are you at the right website for your organization?

Are you entering the correct email on file?

Handling Login error messages:

Desktop and Mobile Apps -

  • Sorry, please try again - This means the password you have entered is not valid or your account may be on hold in which you will need to contact your Manager or organization to resolve.
  • Too many login failures, please try again in XX seconds. If you need to reset your password sooner, please reset your password via the forgot password link - This means you have entered an incorrect password too many times and must click the ‘Forgot Password’ link and try again.

Desktop Site - 

  • Your account is on hold for this Shiftboard site. Please call XXX-XXX-XXXX if you have any questions. - This means that your account has been placed on hold, you will need to contact your Manager or organization for next steps. 

Can log in but the screen has stalled and 3 dots appear?

Do you have any Pop-Up Blockers, Antivirus or 3rd party browser apps that could be enabled? We recommend disabling these types of programs to access our site. 

Did you clear your Browser and App History?

How to clear your history in any browser

Having trouble with the Shiftboard App?

Is your App up-to-date on your device? 

Check the App Store for iPhone or Google Play Store for Android to ensure the latest version of our app is installed on your device.

Do you have a strong WiFi or Data Connection/Signal? 

Having an unstable or weak connection can prevent the app from performing at its best. 

Are there multiple applications running at the same time? 

Many apps open in a single instance can cause slowdowns or connectivity issues.

NOTE: Apple Users, if you have a device running iOS 10 or before, our app may not run at its optimal performance and we strongly recommend updating your device to the latest version released by Apple.

Contact Shiftboard Support:

If none of the above steps work please contact Shiftboard Support at 1-800-583-1041 M-F 6am to 5pm PST with limited coverage outside of those hours, you may also email us at support@shiftboard.com

When contacting us, please provide as much information as possible so we can better serve you.  

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