Financial Tools

The Financial tools in Shiftboard provide the ability to track and report on finance information for an organization. Through the settings, Site Administrators and Managers can track pay rate(s), pay code(s), or pay types. This information is conveniently stored in Shiftboard and is completely reportable. For example, the Financial tools provide access to finance-related reports such as labor cost/forecasting and executive finance summary reports. Additional tools make it easier to export directly from Shiftboard to an organization's payroll system in the correct format. Seniority tools are also located in this area.

Tracking Pay Information

Shiftboard gives the flexibility to track all financial information in a way that makes business sense. Options include:

  • Hourly and/or daily flat rates
  • Tracking a single pay rate for members or multiple pay rates (i.e., depending on the specific job or task)
  • Tracking pay rates by team
  • Using pay types (i.e., rates related to the shift)
  • Using pay codes (i.e. pay rates applied to a large group of members such as interns or senior staff).

How to Setup Financial Tools

Once Financial Tools are turned on in Shiftboard, an organization will have full access to and control of the settings. To see available settings, go to Settings (cog) > Application Settings > Financial.

Additional Options

Shiftboard's Financial tools include many useful options for managing financial information. Please contact our Success team to learn more at Support.

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