Registering for a Site


Many organizations use Shiftboard's Registration feature to allow members to set up their own account. Members will need to use a browser to navigate to the address of the registration page for their organization, which means getting the URL from the organization's website, job posting, or other source. Once on the Registration page, a member will need to fill out requested information and upload any necessary documents. Items marked with a red asterisk are required to submit a registration. 

Registration Approval

Some organizations approve new registrations on an individual basis after review. Other organizations have Shiftboard automatically approve every new applicant that applies. If an organization is approving registrations individually, it may take some time to complete the review process. But if the process is automatic, a member will receive an email confirmation with status and login information.

Questions about Registration Status

Every organization uses the Shiftboard registration system a little differently. If a member has questions about the status of a registration, they should contact the organization where they are applying. The Shiftboard support team doesn't have access to information about the status of registrations. 

The Welcome Letter

After a registration has been approved and an account has been activated, members will receive a welcome letter that contains a temporary password, address for the organization's Shiftboard site, and any other instructions or information as needed. 

Registering for Another Site

Many diverse organizations use Shiftboard for their scheduling, timekeeping, and other needs. It's not uncommon for someone to be a member of one Shiftboard site for work and another Shiftboard site when volunteering. People can register to become a member of as many Shiftboard sites as desired. Before registering for a second site make sure to completely log out of the current site by using the Log Out button. 

Multiple Shiftboard Accounts

A member's Shiftboard account is linked to their email address. Every email address is considered an entirely new account in Shiftboard and cannot be merged together later on. When registering for another site, members have two options:

  1. Use the same email address as the previous Shiftboard account. This will let a member log into all of their Shiftboard sites with one password, and will send all of notifications to the same email address. When logging into Shiftboard members will be asked which site they'd like to see.
  2. Use another email address to keep the Shiftboard accounts completely separate. Some organizations require that a member's account isn't shared with any other Shiftboard sites, or that members use a company email address for their site. When logging in, members will always be directed immediately to the Shiftboard site for the email they are using at the time. In this case, members will never be able to change their email address to match the one used by their other account or merge the two accounts together. 

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