Advanced Onboarding

Advanced Onboarding tools can help track the status of applicants to an organization, monitor expiration dates, or make sure that important information is regularly updated. Advanced Onboarding supplements the basic "Good Standing" and "Admin Hold" statuses by providing eight additional configurable inactive statuses.

Set Up

A Site Administrator can make updates to the Advanced Onboarding settings by clicking the Settings cog > General Settings > scroll down and click on "Onboarding Settings" under the New Web Registrations heading. This is the place to set statuses, change labels, and update messages for the Shiftboard site. 

Approved Registration Status--When a new registration is approved, it can be put into one of the onboarding statuses automatically. 

Approved Re-registration Status--If using the Reregistration option, returning members can be put into a different onboarding status than new members. This is helpful if an organization has a different process for vetting returning workers versus brand new workers. It is often used by annual events to identify their alumni.

Onboarding Status Labels

All of the labels can be renamed to meet an organization's needs. The settings displayed in the image to the right are the default options, but the names can be changed to more easily track registrants from one status to the next. The icons aren't editable, but they should all clearly indicate that the member isn't in the Active (green) status.

Active--All members in the site that are expected to log in, be assigned shifts, or receive notifications should be in the Active state. The advanced onboarding process includes only one Active status.

Inactive--All other statuses are Inactive. Members in these statuses cannot log in, be assigned shifts, or receive notifications by default. There are settings in the Schedule settings area that allow an organization to assign shifts to inactive members if necessary (but workers will not be able to log in to view them and will not receive email notifications about them). It is also possible to target messages to specific onboarding statuses by using the Broadcast tools even though their accounts are not active.


It may be useful to have members go through the registration process again, but an organization may not want to lose all of their past information. The Reregistration feature requires existing members to fill out the registration page again and updates their accounts with any newly added information. This can be an effective way to make sure information is up to date for things like address and phone number. It also enables an organization to gather answers to new questions that were not on the original registration form.

Many annual events use this option to collect new or updated information about returning members while still retaining the history for their alumni.

Status Login Messages

When someone attempts to log in to your site, but their account is in an inactive state, a default message will display informing them that their account is on hold and to contact the organization for more information. The message can be customized for every onboarding status by clicking on the message icon next to each status. Shiftboard recommends including information about what to do if the member has questions about their account, as the Shiftboard support team cannot provide any specific information to an organization's members.

System Defined Statuses

Some statuses are not editable and instead have special requirements or are designed to have a specific purpose. These special statuses are described below.

Expired Certification

If tracking important certifications or licenses that should never be allowed to expire in your members' profile fields, those fields can be configured to automatically lock the member out of your Shiftboard site and prevent them from being scheduled in the future. 

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