Navigation Bar for Members


To navigate through the Shiftboard site, at the top of the screen there is a bar with a handful of tabs and icons. This area of the site is the navigation bar and is how you will move around the site.


Click the tab for the area of the site you are wanting to view, each tab has additional options in a drop down list.

  • Teams - A list of teams which you are a member of. Teams are groups of people who are qualified to work certain types of shifts.
  • Calendar - Where your schedule is located
  • Opportunity - To view the sites news board, site admin's store company information for all users. If your site has our Tradeboard tool enabled this is where you will go when wanting to put/pick up a shift for trade.
  • TimeCard - Enter your timecard for your shift if the site allows users to enter their own.


  • Question Mark - Shiftboard's knowledge base.
  • Life Ring - Send a message to your organization's main Shiftboard contact.

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