General & Specific Availability : New User Interface

Select Shiftboard sites are currently using the new interface. If you do not yet have access to the new interface, please continue to refer to our existing Support documentation. Additionally, some designs may have been modified since this document was written. However, functionality remains the same. 


The Availability tool lets people set either general or specific availability. General Availability is used when you have recurring times or days that you are always available or always busy. Specific Availability is used for adding one or more individual dates that you can or can't work. Availability is different than time off requests (see availability vs time off).

Note: The Availability tool allows you to indicate a busy time or an available time, depending on how the Shiftboard site is configured. If Shiftboard is configured to assume everyone is available, then you submit times that you are not available. If Shiftboard is configured to assume everyone is unavailable, then you submit times that you are available. Shiftboard automatically suggests the correct choice based on your site’s configuration.

How to add general availability

To add general availability, navigate to Availability:

The Add Availability page then opens and allows you to set status, start and end dates, days of the week, time, and team. All availabilities are added as general availability, unless Choose Specific Dates is selected.

The screenshot below is numbered to correspond with explanations below the image:

  1. Team—If you are assigned to multiple teams (workgroups), use this field to limit this availability to a specific team. Click in the box to select a workgroup from the drop-down list. If no team is selected, then this availability applies across all of your teams.Note: if your workgroup name is not Team, you will see your workgroup name.
  2. Open—Select when you want your availability to start. Use this option for open ended availability entries with no end date.
    1. Availability marked as open-ended will remain in the availabilities list until removed by the user (or a manager).
  3. Ends—Use this option to enter a specific start and end time for your availability. Availability marked with a specific end date will be automatically removed from the availabilities list after that date has passed.
  4. Specific —Allows you to choose specific dates that you are busy/available (see How to add specific availability section below).
  5. On these days—Select the day or days of the week that you are available or busy.
  6. Time—Allows you to indicate that you are free/busy either All Day or during Specific Hours.
  7. Action buttons:
    1. Save—Saves and adds this availability to the availabilities list.
    2. Cancel—Information entered into this form is removed and not saved.

How to add specific availability

 To add specific availability, from the Add Availability page, choose Specific.

The fields automatically adjust., replacing the Start Date, End Date, and On These Dates fields with a group of fields that allow you to select specific dates:

Click inside the Date(s) field to display a mini calendar:

On the mini calendar, click on a date that you want to select. That date appears in the Date(s) box. To add additional dates to the list, contine to select additional dates. :

Note: All dates must have the same Time availability (e.g. All Day or the same specific hours).

For all dates in the list, choose the Time you are available or busy, either All Day or During Specific Hours:

If applicable, choose Team (see How to add general availability section above). Click Save to add these dates to your availability list.

How to view availability

When managers assign a shift, people who have listed themselves as unavailable will show up in the Unassignable list:

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