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Creating Members

How to Add Members Manually  

Within Shiftboard, Site Administrators and Managers can add members (aka users, staff) one at a time using their first name, last name, and a valid email address. It is also possible to add contact information such as address and phone number at this step. Additional information can be added later by Managers/Site Administrators or by the individual member.

  1. Go to People > All Members
  2. Click Add Member
  3. Enter the required information (first name, last name, email). On this view, choose whether or not to Send A Welcome Letter after the information has been saved. A letter can also be sent later if preferred. If this is a new member, choose the option "Save & New," which will load a new profile page to add the next member. If adding information to an existing profile, simply choose Save.

How to Add Members Using a Bulk Upload Template

The ability to add multiple members at once using a template is beneficial for organizations just starting out with Shiftboard or experiencing growth. Shiftboard's easy-to-use template makes adding members to the site faster and more efficient.

To get started, download the formatted Excel spreadsheet using the link below:

Account Upload Excel Template

Similar to the other methods of adding members, input the first name, last name and valid email address of members. 

Please note: When using the template option, the information added must reflect how it is written in the column header. After adding all required members' information, please email the saved Excel template to either your Onboarding Specialist or, and we will upload the template. 

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