Schedule/Timecard Adherence Report


The Schedule/Timecard Adherence Report provides an overview of any differences or discrepancies between a scheduled shift of an employee and their timecard.

To access the report, click the Report Icon>Timekeeper>Schedule/Timecard Adherence Report. 

Report Features

Total Difference: This column is the difference between the paid scheduled hours and the sum of all timecards for that shift. 

  • Blanks in this column appear because there isn’t a defined timecard or scheduled time (because either the timecard or shift doesn’t exist, or the shift is anytime/open ended)
  • Positive numbers mean the timecard(s) is longer than the shift, negative numbers mean the timecard(s) is shorter than the shift.

Timecard: This column refers to the total duration of the Timecard.

Schedule: This column refers to the paid hours, which is the total duration minus any unpaid time, such as lunch breaks for the shift.

Take Actions on Timecards in Bulk

This report gives you the option to select multiple timecards and take actions on them. To do this, select the timecards that you would like to change, and then scroll to the bottom to select the action. Click go and all the timecards that you have selected will be changed in bulk.

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