Custom Report Subscription

Custom reports can now be scheduled for delivery via email. They can be sent daily, weekly or monthly in the format you choose. You can even automatically send the reports to someone without a Shiftboard license to increase efficiency within your organization.

This new feature is available to customers with Custom Reports in their current subscription. Only custom reports can be sent to ensure the data points in the report are exactly what you need.

Please contact support to enable custom report subscriptions.

Setting Up Report Subscriptions

Follow the steps below to set up the automatic delivery of custom reports.

  1. Go to Reports - Custom
  2. Select Preview next to the report you want to schedule delivery for
  3. Choose Subscribe
  4. Fill in the required information
  5. Choose the format for the report (xlxs, txt, csv)
  6. Select Subscribe

You can select Send Preview to test out the report and format.

Ending Report Subscriptions

  1. Go to Reports
  2. Select Subscriptions
  3. Use the checkbox to select the report(s) you want to remove the subscription for
  4. Select Delete

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