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Clocking Into a Shift

Whether scheduled for a shift or not, there are several ways for members to get clocked in from the organization's Shiftboard site. Clocking into a shift ensures that hours are counted for reporting or payroll purposes. Upon logging in, members will see an icon located at the top of the screen labeled “Clocked Out” that they can use to clock in for their scheduled shift.

Selecting the “Clocked Out” button will allow a member to choose the details for the shift they are clocking into. Depending on what the organization requires, members may have to fill in details such as team, shift, and role. When finished, they should press the "Clock In" button to successfully sign into a shift.

Clocking Out of a Shift

Members clock out for a shift using the same method that they used to clock in. Either select the “Clocked In” button located at the top of the browser window or visit the calendar to choose the specific shift worked. If visiting the calendar, choose the "Clocked In" item to clock out for the assigned shift.


If this tool is enabled for your organization, go to Settings > Application Settings > Timekeeper settings to customize options. Useful settings include:

  • Associate Timecards/Clock-Ins with Shifts
  • Restrict Clocking In Earlier Than
  • Restrict Clocking In Later Than
  • Automatically Clock-Out

Associate Timecards/Clock-ins with shifts

When members clock in or submit a timecard, they can be asked to associate their work with a specific shift. 

  • "Never" means that the member isn't asked about a specific shift. A general timecard will be created for them without details from any assigned shift. 
  • "Always" means that the member must select a specific shift that they have been scheduled to work. All of the data for that shift will be associated with their timecard automatically.
  • "Sometimes" means that members have the option to associate their timecard with a specific shift, or to create a timecard without any shift information associated with it.

Additional Setup

To restrict the Timeclock tool access by profile type or team, go to Settings > General Settings > Security. Select one of the settings circled in red below to restrict who will have access to the feature.

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