Timeclock Setup

To configure the timeclock and determine when and how members can clock in, go to Settings > Application Settings > Timekeeper.

  • Associate Timecards/Clock-Ins with Shifts
  • Restrict Clocking In Earlier Than
  • Restrict Clocking In Later Than
  • Automatically Clock-Out
Associate Timecards/Clock-ins with shifts

When members clock in or submit a timecard, they can be asked to associate their work with a specific shift. 

  • "Never" means that the member isn't asked about a specific shift. A general timecard will be created for them without details from any assigned shift. 
  • "Always" means that the member must select a specific shift that they have been scheduled to work. All of the data for that shift will be associated with their timecard automatically.
  • "Sometimes" means that members have the option to associate their timecard with a specific shift, or to create a timecard without any shift information associated with it.
Additional Setup

To restrict the Timeclock tool access by profile type or team, go to Settings > General Settings > Security. Select one of the settings circled in red below to restrict who will have access to the feature.

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