Shiftboard IVR Clock-In Tools

Timekeeping Tools

Some of Shiftboard's timekeeping tools are designed to function without having members log into the website. Specifically, Timeclock and Shiftboard's telephone clock-in system (IVR) are designed to use a numerical ID and PIN instead of a regular login and password. A member's user ID and PIN can be found by clicking on their name at the top right of the screen, selecting "Change Password," then selecting the "PIN Code & Access Information" option. Another way to access this information is by going to a member's account, clicking "Password/PIN," and then selecting the "PIN Code & Access Information" option.

User ID

A member's user ID is unique to an organization's Shiftboard site and cannot be changed.


A member's PIN can be updated on the same screen where the user ID and address for your organization's Timeclock website is viewed. A PIN must be 4-8 numbers long. Since members may be using their PIN by calling via telephone, a PIN may only contain numbers. 

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