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Using the Admin Hold Status


Placing a member on Admin Hold is a way to retain historical information regarding a member while making it so that member cannot log in while on hold. Some potential workflows where you may want to place a member on Admin Hold include temporary leave or termination. If you instead deleted a member, then their historical information would be deleted.

Placing a Member on Admin Hold

To place a member on Admin Hold, a Site Administrator will start by going to People>All Members and selecting the screen name of the member to be placed on Admin Hold and proceed to their profile. In the bottom right corner under Management Tools, change the dropdown from Good Standing to Admin Hold.

Next, a box will appear that will allow you to decide how to proceed with any future shifts assigned to the member placed on hold. If you want all future shifts to be unconfirmed and unpublished, then change both of these selections to "yes". If you want the future shifts to remain as is, then leave these set to "no". Then, click update. 

A confirmation box will appear confirming the change in the member status. If you need to change them in the future from being on Admin Hold to Good Standing, you would follow the same steps as above, but just select Good Standing under Management Tools.

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