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Geofencing Tools


Shiftboard's current geofencing capabilities allow you to set up an allotted fence area for your shift locations for users to clock in and out. If users clock in outside of the fence, they will get an alert, however they are still able to clock in and out


Before you can utilize the geofencing functionality, you will first need to ensure Latitude / Longitude coordinates are included for your shift locations. To verify if latitude / longitude is tied to your locations, complete the following steps:

  1. Go to Settings > List Settings > Locations.
  2. Click the Download option and choose to export All Fields.
    1. Column I of the corresponding report will show you the Latitude /Longitude if included.
  3. If the coordinates are not included, return to Settings > List Settings > Locations > Pencil Icon.
    1. For more information on determining the latitude and longitude, please refer to the instructions linked here.
    2. Add the latitude and longitude and select Update Location.
  1. Next, set your allotted fence by going to Settings > Application Settings > Timekeeper > Timeclock Entries for Shifts With Location Must Be Within. Set your radius and select Update.

Member Experience

Before a member clocks into a shift in which a location is attached, they may receive an alert on their device. Currently, it will not restrict them from clocking in. The member may receive one of the following:

  1. If location services are not enabled on their device for Shiftboard, the application will ask the user to enable it:
  1. If the employee is within the predefined clock in radius from the shift location, there will be no pop up and they can simply select Clock In:
  1. If they are too far away from the shift location, they will receive a notice that they are too far away:
  1. Finally, they may receive an alert that their location is inaccurate. This could be due to a number of factors. Typically, pressing the back button to refresh the map will adjust this error.

Again, with all of these messages, the individual will still be able to clock into their shift even if they are too far from the location. Eventually, you will be able to restrict clock in and out unless the member is within your predefined radius.


Shiftboard provides you with a report to show you the deviance from the specified shift location upon clock in and out. To access the report, go to Reports > Timekeeper > Geofence Exceptions. Deviance from the shift location will be indicated in the last column and reported in meters.

If an individual is within the radius, they will not appear on this list as this only reports exceptions. You may also see a note on the report that indicates that an employee had No Location Data which means that Location Services were not enabled on the device used to clock in.

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