Using Standby Lists

Standby is a tool that creates lists of members who can fill in for an unconfirmed shift. The tool either automatically puts members in the unconfirmed shift or notifies members on the standby list of the open shift.

Standby List Options

  • Open Standby Lists--Members can pick dates and times that they are available and simply list themselves as "On Standby."
  • Specific Date/Workgroup Standby Lists--A Manager must create a standby list for a particular date and a specific workgroup. Members can then sign up for a specific standby list. This allows much more control than the open model but requires a Manager to create every list.
  • Team Standby Notifications Only--Members of the team's shift are notified of the opening, so they can take the shift.

To Use Open Standby List

Select Standby from the Calendar tab > Click "Add Standby Signup" > add dates to be automatically signed up for/notified regarding unconfirmed shift.

Specific Date/Workgroup Standby Lists

  • Manager creates sign-up list for team by selecting Standby from the Calendar tab > click "New Standby List" > enter Standby List's parameters > Create List.
  • Members add themselves to the Standby List by selecting Standby from the Calendar tab > click on the list they want to sign up for > enter sign up information > select Join List.

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