Copy Shifts - Mobile Interface

Shiftboard gives you the ability to take a set of shifts and copy them to a different date.

Copy Shifts

  1. To copy shifts, begin by going to Schedule and navigate to the date range of shifts you wish to copy.
If you want to copy a larger set of shifts, go to the List view and select the entire date range you wish to copy.
  1. Once the date range you'd like to copy is on your screen, apply any necessary filters to show only shifts you wish to copy within that date range.
    1. For example, if you would only like to copy shifts for a particular Team, filter for that Team first and then proceed.
  2. Next, select the copy icon:
  1. Choose the date to copy your selected shifts to. When choosing the date to Copy To, pay attention to the day of the week you are copying to.
  1. Adjust the settings as necessary.
    1. Copy Shift Assignments: Selecting this option will copy the shift assignments from your selected date range to the copy to dates.
    2. Auto-Assign Open Shifts: If you choose to not copy the shift assignments from your previous day or date range, you can have the system Auto-Assign the Open Shifts to available employees.
    3. Create New Shifts as Drafts: Selecting this option will keep the copied shifts in a draft/unpublished status.
    4. Shifts with conflicts will be created as:
      1. Open: Open and available for employees to view
      2. Drafts: Visible to coordinators and above only
    5. Assignability preferences:
      1. Ignore Conflicts: Ignores conflicting shift assignments
      2. Ignore Overtime : Ignores conflict checking against overtime restrictions.
      3. Honor availability: If copying shift assignments or auto assigning shifts, this tells the system to only assign employees that are available.
      4. Ignore Time off: Ignores approved time off requests
  1. Next, select Create Shifts.
  2. It may take a moment to copy your shifts depending on the number of shifts being copied.

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