Using a Registration Page for Recruitment

To create and set up a registration page, please contact your Account Manager or email to start the process.

The Registration Page tool makes it easier to collect information from individuals and to create their Shiftboard accounts. This will allow people to enter detailed information via an online form. Additionally, registration pages correlate to profile types and are built based on the information categorized under each type. 

Here is an example of a registration page:

Configuring Automated Thank You Emails 

Once an individual has submitted their application via the Registration Page, they will receive an automated email from Shiftboard. This email can be configured to include instructions for the next steps in your application process.

To personalize this message, a Site Administrator can go to Settings > Templates > Registration Complete Email. Here, the Site Administrator can update the subject line and the body of the email message. HTML formatting can also be used to format this email. In order to include images in the message, upload them to the Shiftboard Filebox.

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