Marking Shifts as Arrive Late/Leave Early - Mobile Interface

Within the mobile user interface, marking a worker's shift as arrive late, or leave early, can be done quickly and easily from a mobile device. This allows you to quickly update your schedule while on the go, without needing to sit down at a desktop computer.

PLEASE NOTE: This tool may not be enabled in your site, and a site administrator will need to contact our support team to enable these features.

Marking Arrive Late/Leave Early

Marking shifts as arrive late or leave early can be done using the same two methods used in the desktop site. You can either navigate to the calendar directly, where you can select the shift you'd like to mark, opening the Shift Details window.

From the shift details page, click Mark Late/Early to open the next window.

On the confirmation screen, you will need to first adjust the Start Time or End Time to activate the Reason dropdown menus. Once you've done this, you can select a reason to associate with the change, and click 'Save' to complete the process.

Once completed, you can return to the calendar to see the change to the shift reflected in the shift details.

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