Roles are ways for Managers to let members know that they're working on specific tasks, projects, or need to possess specific skills to work a shift. They can be used simply as labels, or as a tool to further restrict who can be assigned or who can take shifts. 

How to Set Up Roles

Setting up and adding roles needs to be done by a Site Administrator, while Managers are able to assign roles to members on their teams.  

Enable Roles for Your Site

The settings for turning on roles can be found in two areas. First go to Settings (cog) > General Settings > Track and Filter Lists > change to Yes. Then go to Application Settings > Schedules > Standard Policies for All Teams > change to Yes. 

Roles will now be visible on the shifts.

Enable Roles for a Team

Settings can be controlled on a team-by-team basis if roles need to be listed as labels or as a way to enforce restrictions. If labels are preferred, go to Manage under the Team Settings > Edit Roles.

To use Role Restrictions, under Team Settings > Role Restrictions > change to Yes. Then go to Manage under the Team Settings > Edit Roles. Once the roles have been added, go to the member of the team and a role link will be displayed. Click it to assign roles to members.

Site Administrators can add roles either for the team or by going to the List Settings.

Additional Information

The Customer Success team can help with the creation and assignment of roles in bulk via an upload. Please contact with any questions.

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