Adding a Timecard : New User Interface

Select Shiftboard sites are currently using the new interface. If you do not yet have access to the new interface, please continue to refer to our existing Support documentation. Additionally, some designs may have been modified since this document was written. However, functionality remains the same. 


A timecard is a record of the hours that you worked. If the timeclock feature is enabled for your site, timecards are automatically created once you have clocked in/out of your shift. If you don’t use the timeclock, your manager may ask you to add a timecard based on your scheduled shift.

How to add a timecard

If you are asked by your manager to create timecards based on the actual time you worked your shift, you can manually create a timecard in Shiftboard.

To add a timecard, navigate to the Timecard page:

Click the plus button (+) on the main timecards screen:

Choose Shift or No Shift at the top of the New Timecard form:

If you choose Shift, then the next field will be:

Shift—Choose a shift from the drop-down list of your assigned shifts:

If you choose No shift, then the next field will be:

Team—Choose a workgroup (team) from the drop-down list:

Note: if your workgroup name is not Team, you will see your workgroup name.

Choose Duration

If you selected one of your scheduled shifts, then the dates/times for that shift will automatically show up in the duration section:

If you are creating a timecard with no specific shift selected, then enter either:

a. Start and end dates and times for the shift:

b. Start date and time, along with the number of hours and minutes worked:

Enter notes related to the shift in the Notes field:

At the bottom, click Add Timecard to add this timecard to the list, or click Cancel to exit without saving changes.

You will be returned to your timecards’ list. Timecards are show in the list in the order that they are submitted (i.e. the most recently submitted timecard gets added to the bottom of the list).

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