Multi-Site Schedule Checking: Overview


The Multi-Site Schedule Checking feature will enable conflict checking across multiple Shiftboard sites for managers who have multiple sites in the same geographical location. This means that if a manager tries to schedule a member for a shift when that member is already scheduled in another site on that same date and time; the manager will receive a message stating that they are not able to schedule that member on for this date and time because they are already scheduled to work at another location within another Shiftboard site.

If the manager still needs to schedule a member to a shift, they are able to override the conflict and schedule that member anyway using the “Allow Conflicts” checkbox, or by clicking the "Show Excluded" checkbox which will allow them to see and assign any hidden members, while providing them with the reason that member was hidden.


This applies to the following operations:

  • Manually assign (before and after shift creation)
  • Changing the shift time
  • Members trying to take a shift
  • Standby list 
  • Signup list
  • Copy forward- if conflicting shifts are detected, shift will be created and left unpublished

 And the following bulk operations:

  • Bulk upload
  • Bulk Assign 
  • Bulk publish
  • Bulk Change

*For all bulk operation conflicts, customers will receive the standard bulk exception email (in their Shiftboard inbox).  The exception will tell customers which shifts were or were not assigned and why.

**Bulk conflict checks must be enabled in site for bulk operations to work with this feature.

When a member tries to take a shift when already assigned to another shift in another site, Shiftboard will not allow that member to take the other shift and will generate the following error.

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