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Shiftboard Support | Before contacting us...

We are here to help provide assistance with your site in any way we can. Our product is highly configurable to your workflow needs. To ensure you are maximizing the benefit of our solution, we encourage you to contact us if you have any questions or concerns. 

This document explains the support services we provide, and also describes the self-service support resources we have available that may answer your questions without you having to make a call. It covers the various ways you can contact us for assistance, as well as identifying information to gather before you contact us, so we can address your issue or question as quickly and effectively as possible..

Shiftboard Support service by User Role:  

Our Support Desk is available to ensure you are set up for success with the Shiftboard solution. We handle the following types of user issues and questions in our support desk:

Support Service


Manager / Scheduler

Site Administrator

Login problems

Issues or questions with Shiftboard functionality

Reporting technical problems

Shift creation, management, notification, and upload issues or questions

Tool / Feature Enablement and Setting Changes

Registration pages, Profile changes and Account uploads

Each user’s Shiftboard role with your organization will determine how we can best support them. In order to provide any user support in each area, their account needs to have the relevant Shiftboard role above. Customer Site Administrators control which role each user account has in Shiftboard.

User questions that customer Site Administrators and Managers should address:

As Site Administrators and Managers you directly manage the schedules and team structures in your organization’s Shiftboard instance, and also control the user accounts and system access. Your end-users (your Workers and Coordinators) will sometimes have business questions about the Teams, Shifts and their Account in Shiftboard that only you can address, such as:

  • Questions related to timecards, payroll or tax information
  • Specific questions about assigned shifts they are working
  • Requesting a callout from the assigned shift or following up after an absence
  • Joining a new Workgroup/Team within an organization
  • Processing the Registration to make them an active Shiftboard user, and/or questions about a Welcome Letter they have received or are expecting
  • Deleting worker accounts
  • Technical Assistance with 3rd party applications that your organization may use in addition to our product.

Because your team creates and processes the shifts and timecards in Shiftboard, and activates all user account registrations, you should create a documented process for your end-users about who within your organization to call with these types of questions, and provide contact information for them to reach out to. We suggest you add this information to your Shiftboard News page so your users can easily access it.

If Shiftboard receives these types of questions from users we will need to redirect them back to your team.

Self-service support tools  

There is a dedicated Shiftboard Support site that includes many self-help guides that may be able to address some of the questions you have without having to contact the Shiftboard Support desk. 

We also have a dedicated section on our Shiftboard Support site that is for your workers to help with navigating the site: Worker Documentation / Worker How-To Videos

Contacting Shiftboard Support:

By Phone: 

1-800-583-1041 | Monday - Friday 6 am to 6 pm PST

Limited coverage outside of those hours




Shiftboard Homepage or our Shiftboard Support Page by clicking on the orange message button in the lower right corner of the page.       

Billing/Payment Inquiries: 

billing@shiftboard.com or you can email your Account Manager directly



Reporting Technical Problems

Please try and gather as much of the following information as possible before sending us a request in order to expedite getting your issue resolved:

  • Detailed Description of your Inquiry
  • Screenshots or recording if applicable
  • What platform are you/they working in
    • Desktop
    • Mobile App (iOS or Android)
    • Mobile Web Browser
  • Step-by-Step instructions on what you have done
  • Any specific user accounts impacted (Name/Email)
  • The browser uses any add-ons like Pop-Up Blockers, Antivirus, Malware, Etc.
    • Google Chrome
    • Firefox
    • Safari
    • Internet Explorer

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