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Sending a Welcome Letter

There are times when new members are added to the site and the option to send a welcome letter was skipped. Or, in some cases, Managers and Site Administrators prefer to send the letter to a specific group such as team, profile type, etc. and want to do it all at once.

To Send a Welcome Letter in Bulk

1. Go to Settings > Management Tools

2. Click Welcome Letter and choose Bulk/Mass Send Welcome Letter

3. On the next screen, choose from the selection criteria to determine which members should get the message. 

4. Fill in the dropdown menus as needed (team, profile type, send to).

5. To review and make edits to the letter click Preview. When ready to send the welcome letter click Send.

Preview/Edit Welcome Letter

The body of the welcome letter can be permanently edited before sending to members. This can be done for all areas of the Shiftboard site. Once edited, the changes will be saved whether the letter sends from a member account or the Bulk/Mass Send screen. To edit a welcome letter:

1. Go to Settings > Management Tools

2. Click Welcome Letter > Preview/Edit Welcome Letter and select edit to make changes before sending

3. After making edits click Update. To see what the letter looks like before sending it to members, click Send To Me.

4. To save the letter click Ok.

Areas Available to Edit in Welcome Letter

To learn more about the editable areas of the welcome letter, follow the number in the image to the corresponding explanation below.

1. Subject--An area to change the title of the letter

2. Salutation--Change the greeting of the letter

3. Message--Body of the letter where members will be welcomed to the site and Shiftboard 

4. Cancel or Update--Cancels or saves changes to the welcome letter

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