The Availability tool lets members tell Shiftboard when, and in some cases for what Team,  they can work. Not every organization will use the Availability feature. For example, organizations that allow their members to pick up shifts won't necessarily need to track when people can and can't work because the members are choosing when to work. 

Some organizations will allow their members to add their own availability, while other organizations will restrict the ability to add or remove availability to Managers or Site Administrators. All of these options can be adjusted in the application settings under the Availability tab.

Shiftboard will automatically check availability entries when assigning people to shifts, so members don't need to check this information themselves. Managers and Site Administrators can override these availability entries if needed on the Assign screen. Members who are picking up shifts are always allowed to ignore their own availability. 

Availability is different than Time Off. Availability is usually a set of generalizations to indicate when people can or can't work due to other commitments like work or school, or if workers have specific guaranteed days off. Shiftboard's Time Off tool is designed to track requests for days off, approval, and other related information.

Busy vs. Available

Every Shiftboard site will be set up to either assume that everyone is always available or that everyone is always busy. Most organizations assume that their members are always available, but the Site Administrator can verify how the site is set up. When adding availability, Shiftboard will soon only allow you to enter in general availability based on your site configuration . If the site assumes that everyone is busy, no one will be able to be assigned until availability information has been entered for them. 

If the site is set up to assume that everyone is available, members will need to tell Shiftboard when they are busy. If the site is set up to assume that everyone is always busy, members will need to tell Shiftboard when they are available. It's unnecessary to add a busy time when the site assumes that a member is busy or an available time when the site already assumes that a member is available.

All availability entries should be either busy times or available times, depending on how the Shiftboard site is configured. The only time that a member might need to have both available time and busy times is if the site is set up to assume that a member is busy and they've indicated that they're available on some days by adding General Availability. But there's an exception to the rule where a member is busy on a specific day. Any busy time that they've entered will always take precedence over any available time.

All Member's Availability

A Manager or Site Administrator can use the Availability tool from the calendar menu to see a list of all of their member's availability entries. This can help to find people who have particular entries or who have entered information incorrectly. Just hover the mouse over an entry to see when it was added. 

Availability Introduction Video

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