Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the New User Experience?

The New User Experience is Shiftboard’s updated look and feel designed with feedback from our customers in mind.

  • Who will have access to the New User Experience?

Once your site has been opted into the New User Experience, everybody in your site will have access! It will be the first view you see when you log into Shiftboard from any device.

  • How do I access the New User Experience?

Once opted in, you will automatically have access to the new interface once you log into your Shiftboard account.

  • Can I still access the current view?

Site Administrators and Managers will still have access to their current view! When you are looking at the new interface, you can click the Admin button to go back to the view you are used to using.

  • Will I have the ability to complete all the same actions in both views?

There are some actions that you will still need to go back to your current view to access such as Reports, Setting Changes, and Uploads.

  • Do you provide training?

The updated interface was built to be more intuitive. However, we do have a number of training videos and documentation available here.

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