Maintenance Window Policy

We at Shiftboard strive to maintain the highest levels of availability for its customers' sites. However, some maintenance may require us to bring our platform down for short periods of time in order to perform upgrades or network changes. This is a standard policy in the SaaS world, and gives us the chance to fix bugs, improve security, and add the capability for exciting new features while minimizing the disruption to our customer base.

Our upcoming maintenance windows are as follows:

For the US data center: (For US Customers and Customers Outside of the European Union)

  •  Saturday, February 8th, 8:59pm - 11:59pm (Pacific Time)
    • Duration of three hours

For the European Union data center: (For UK Customers and Customers inside the European Union)

  • Friday, February 7th, 12:59pm - 2:59pm (Pacific Time)
    • Duration of three hours

The maintenance window schedule is subject to change. Shiftboard will provide a window maintenance schedule notice upon login for any scheduled maintenance outside of these normally scheduled times.

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