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Unpublished Shifts

Unpublished shifts are essentially unofficial shifts similar to a rough draft. Unpublished shifts are only viewable by Managers and Coordinators; they are hidden from Members. Managers can assign members to unpublished shifts and the member will not be notified about the shifts until they are published. Unpublished shifts will show in black on the calendar, so that Managers can easily distinguish between assigned, unassigned, and unpublished shifts. 


There are multiple scenarios for which unpublished shifts can be useful: 

  • An event that is not fully confirmed 
  • Different versions of the same scenario
  • Keep shifts private as a schedule is being fully built out
  • A way to request staff.

How To Add Unpublished Shifts

To add unpublished shifts using the Add Shift--Single or Repeat tool, go to Calendar > Add > Add Shifts--Single or Repeat Positions. Enter shift information and select Save as Unpublished.

To add unpublished shifts using the Bulk Upload Template tool, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the calendar
  2. Click "Add"
  3. Select Bulk Upload--Use a Template
  4. Select the Standard Template
  5. Enter "No" for Publish. Be sure to enter all other shift information in the appropriate columns.
  6. Click "Browse," select Bulk Upload Template, click "Validate Shifts."

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