General Availability

The General Availability tool is useful if members have recurring times or days that they are always available or always busy. They only need to indicate a busy time or an available time depending on how the Shiftboard site is configured. Shiftboard will always suggest the correct choice for the site.

Members may be able to select a specific team that the entry applies to and specific hours that they can or can't work, or leave these options as "Any Team" and "All Day" to completely block out or be able to work that day. 

Members can also set boundaries on the duration of their entry by using the "From another date" and "Until a specific date" options. If they leave the entry "Open-ended," then it will be permanent, but if they choose "Until a specific date," then Shiftboard will automatically remove the entry after that date has passed. 

If adding a single entry, members can click "Add" to complete the process, but if they'd like to add a number of entries in quick succession, they can use the "Add Another" option to save the entry and refresh this page for the next entry.

How To Add General Availability:

  1. Go to calendar tab on the navigation bar and click Availability. On the next page, click Add Time.
  2. Depending on the site configuration, you will either enter in the times that you are available or busy. If your site assumes everybody is busy, you will only be able to add in general availability. If your site assumes everybody is available, you will only be able to add in your general busy times. 
  3. Select the days of the week you are available or busy.
  4. Select the team you wish to enter this availability for otherwise. If you do not select a team, Shiftboard will assume it is site wide and apply to all teams.
  5. Select if you'd like this availability to span an entire day or specific hours during that day by clicking the radio button for either "All Day" or "During Specific Hours." If you select "During Specific Hours," enter the start and end time.
  6. Select if this availability begins today (the day you are entering it) or from another date by clicking the radio button for either "From Today" or "From Another Date." If you select "From Another Date," enter the start date.
  7. Select if this availability is open-ended (does not have an end date) or is only until a specific day by clicking the radio button for either "Open Ended" or "Until a Specific Date." If you select "Until a Specific Date," enter the end date.
  8. Select "Add" when completed.

In the screenshot above, it is indicated that the member is busy on Tuesday's and Thursday's between 7am-9am. The dates of the busy times are open ended. 

Approving Availability

Depending on your site configuration, your managers or site administrators may need to approve availability entries. Site Administrators can choose to adjust this setting by going to Settings>Application Settings>Available>Require Approval for Member Availability Creation. 

If availability approval is configured on your site, you will go to People>Availability and approve the entries by select the entry to approve and selecting Approve at the bottom of the page. 

Depending on your configuration, a manager can either just approve availability entries for a team they oversee or approve availability entries for the site as a whole. This can again be configured by a site administrator by going to Settings>Application Settings>Available.


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