Calendar Overview

There are a few ways Site Administrators and Managers can add shifts into a Shiftboard site. To get started, go to Calendar > Add and a pop up will appear with options. Here's an overview of what each selection does: 


Add Shifts Single or Repeat

With this method add a single shift or set repetition for future dates with specific settings--all in one screen.

Bulk Upload/Using a Template

Use this page to download the spreadsheet(s) and upload a completed template.

Quick Entry

A condensed window with options similar to "Add Shifts--Single or Repeat"

Duplicate/Copy Forward Existing Schedule

This method makes it easier to copy shifts created in a certain period and duplicate them for future dates.

RSVP/Sign Up Event/Holiday

Use this additional feature to add events or mark holidays for staff members.

For more information, please follow the links in the blue listed above.

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