Geofencing - For Workers

Getting Started:

Some ScheduleFlex organizations require that their workers submit their location information when they clock in or out of their shifts using the ScheduleFlex timekeeping tools.

In these cases, three things are required to ensure a worker is able to submit their time punches with location data attached:

  1. A location must be assigned to the shift that you are clocking in to. If there is no location assigned, you will not be asked to track your location.
  2. You must submit your time punch using the Shiftboard mobile app. Time punches submitted through a desktop, will not successfully capture your location data.
  3. You must allow the Shiftboard app to access your location. If the Shiftboard app permissions are not configured to allow access to your location, the app will be unable to capture your location data, and you may not be able to clock in.

The Worker Experience (Mobile Apps)

Below is a guide on how workers can use their mobile device to clock in or out of their shift with location information attached. This guide is relevent to workers who use their Shiftboard mobile apps, when submitting their timepunches.

If a worker does not have access to a mobile device, they can still clock in using the mobile version of the site using a desktop or laptop computer. Please see the video at the bottom of this article to see how workers can use these devices to still submit their time punches with location information attached.

  1. If workers are clocking in for the first time, they will see an alert on their device to enable access to the device's location information before submitting their punch for the first time.
    1. If no alert is presented, the worker may have already enabled or disabled location permissions within their device. Workers may need to open their app settings in their device to ensure the Shiftboard app is configured correctly.
  1. If the worker is within the predefined clock in radius from the shift location, there will be no pop-up and they can simply select Clock In:
  1. If they are too far away from the shift location, they will receive a notice that they are too far away:
    Depending on an organization's settings, workers may encounter two things when outside the allowed radius:
    1. Workers may still be able to submit their time punch using the 'Clock In' button. This time punch will be flagged for review by their manager and will include the worker's distance from the expected location.
    2. Some organizations prevent workers from clocking in from outside the allowed radius. If a worker is unable to clock in, they will need to move closer to the required location.
      1. Please Note: Time punches rely on the location calculated by a worker's mobile device. If the location is being calculated incorrectly, workers may need to take additional action to let their manager know that they were within the required radius when clocking in.
  1. Finally, they may receive an alert that their location is inaccurate. This could be due to a number of factors. Typically, pressing the back button to refresh the map will adjust this error.
    1. If you continue to receive this error, it is because a number of things can cause your location to be tracked incorrectly. You may need to submit your timepunch, and work with your supervisor to let them know you were in the right place when you clocked in or out.

Again, with all of these messages, the individual will still be able to clock into their shift even if they are too far from the location so long as your settings allow it. Otherwise, they will not be able to clock in until they are within the accepted radius.

Note: Because ScheduleFlex is dependent on the accuracy and completeness of the location information submitted by your mobile device and operating system, your organization may decide to adopt supplemental verification business processes to ensure workers are where they need to be when their shift starts or ends. You should review with you manager if such supplemental processes apply to you

The Worker Experience (Mobile Browser)

If workers do not have access to the Shiftboard mobile app, they can still use a desktop or laptop computer to submit a time punch for their shifts. Please refer to the video below for instructions on how to do this.

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