Delete Shifts in Bulk

Shiftboard's Bulk Delete tool allows Site Administrators and Managers to specify a range of shifts to delete, and delete them all at once instead of deleting shifts individually.

How To Bulk Delete Shifts

  1. Start by going to Calendar > Schedules and select the first shift you would like to delete and click the "Delete" button. 
  2. You will have to confirm the deletion by selecting OK in the pop up window that appears. 
  3. On the page that you are redirected to, select "Bulk Delete". 
  4. Step one is where you will indicate the filtering criteria for which shifts you would like to delete. In the example below, I have specified that I want to delete all shifts for Andy Evans for all teams in the date range of September 14th, 2018 through October 14th, 2018.
    If you want to delete all shifts for all members for a certain time period, you would select Any Member from the account dropdown (where Andy Evans is indicated in the example above). The "And any positions exactly like this" area allows you to get more granular with your filtering selection. So, if you only wanted to delete shifts for a specific location, role, etc., then this is where you would indicate that selection. Once you have set your filtering parameters, select Preview. 
  5. Step 2 will show you all results that matched your filtering criteria. If the results do not look correct, click Modify Selection to return to Step 1 and adjust your filtering criteria. If the shifts all look correct, then click Next to proceed to the final step. 
  6. Finally, in Step 3, confirm the deletion by selecting "Yes Delete". After you select this, you will be redirected back to the calendar and the shifts will be removed from the calendar. 

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