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Using a template to upload shifts is a quick and easy way to add several shifts to the calendar at one time. Site Administrators or Managers may prefer the Bulk Upload Template if working with Microsoft Excel and already have the shifts completed, or if wanting to add multiple shifts at one time.

How to Create Shifts Using the Bulk Upload Template

1. Click Calendar > Click Add > Click "Bulk Upload/Using a Template"

2. As shown in the image above, choose the template (available templates on the right-hand side). The difference in templates is the amount of detail and information shown for each shift. On every template, each row is one shift on the calendar. Please note: When adding information to the template make sure it matches how it is written in the header. For example, write the date as 06/28/2017.

3. Template Settings

  • Where items do not already exist: When creating the schedule, information may have been added that is not listed in the site. This setting is to check off which information should be added. 
  • When making assignments (shifts): Check the boxes the template should ignore/accept.
  • When using auto-assignments (shifts): If using the auto-assign option for the schedule, check the boxes that the site should to keep in mind when assigning members shifts.
  • Load past coverage: Check the box if loading shifts from past dates.
  • Where associations do not already exist: Check the boxes placed in the template that are not already listed in the site.
  • Send notifications: Use this to notify members once the template upload is completed.

4. Once completed save the file to a desktop. Select Browse > Choose the Excel file > Validate Shifts.

If there are any errors, the site will indicate which row and the reason. If processed correctly, all shifts will now be on the calendar.

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