Duplicate/Copy Forward Existing Schedule

The Duplicate/Copy-Forward Existing Schedule tool allows Site Administrators and Managers to copy all (or certain) shifts during a period of time and paste them to a future date on the calendar without having to create the shifts or assign them again. All the same filters are available to refine which shifts to duplicate. Additionally, before pasting a schedule to future dates, it is possible to unpublish previously published shifts (making them only viewable by Coordinators and Managers).

How to Duplicate/Copy-Forward Existing Schedule

1. Go to Calendar > Schedules > Add > Duplicate/Copy Existing.

This option will bring up a box to input the available dates from which to copy the schedule. Shiftboard allows the choice from one day or up to four weeks.

2. To duplicate all of the shifts for all teams in the date range selected, check the box All Teams. When finished, click Preview. If you instead wanted only to copy shifts with a certain role, location, etc, fill that in under the "And any Positions Exactly Like This" area. Then, click Preview. If you are copying dates from the past, select the Include any expired past dates before selecting Preview. 

3. Review all of the shifts that meet the filters selected (it could be the date range, or the date range and the filters). Check that the shifts listed are the ones to duplicate, and then click "Next" to proceed to Step 3 of the process. 

4. Choose the future date desired to start copying the shifts. Only indicate the start date (not the end date) to have the duplicates pasted; the system will paste the shifts as copied. For example, if one shift is copied and needs to be duplicated for five days, Shiftboard will stop the duplications five days after the selected start date. Finally, decide whether the duplicated shifts should be published, preserved, and/or auto-assigned.

After filtering the necessary information, click "Yes, Duplicate/Copy Existing Schedule."

Helpful Hint

While telling Shiftboard the dates to copy when pasting them forward, think about the day of the week when pasting. For example, if copying a Monday-Friday schedule, make sure to paste those shifts Monday-Friday and not Tuesday-Saturday. The tool will give the next date to adjust as needed.

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