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With the advent of COVID-19 it is more important than ever to have the right tools in place to ensure your organization is able to meet your business needs while also keeping your workers safe. Shiftboard has put together a worker readiness tool set specifically tailored to assist you in meeting these goals in a timely and effective manner.

Some of the key worker readiness challenges that businesses face are: 

  1. Many municipalities and regional/state governments have begun implementing temporary regulations to ensure the safety of the general populace. Do any of these regulations affect your workforce and as a result do you need to track COVID-19 related worker information for scheduling or informational purposes?
  2. Do  you need to take steps to protect certain job functions or areas by validating that workers are COVID-19 trained and/or cleared before they can be assigned to a specific workgroup or shift?
  3. The pandemic has underscored the need for frequent communication with your workforce about rapidly changing work situations. Businesses need abilities to post and update general information, as well as communicate with specific workers or groups. Such communications need to be available to a field workforce through multiple channels.
  4. You may need to quickly take on significant numbers of new workers for certain functions. You will likely also need to track related COVID-19 and contact information for those workers, or for your existing workers. You will need tools to accomplish these tasks quickly.

Shiftboard can automate several strategies and workflows to address these challenges as follows:

  1. Maintain, track and report the COVID-19 related worker information you require. Each organization needs to determine what information to track, and Shiftboard allows you to set additional data fields you require. Also, you can determine which of your Workers, Managers, or automated uploads should maintain this information. See the section below on Using Profile Fields to track COVID-19 data.
  2. At times you may need to validate that your workers are COVID-19 trained and/or cleared before they can be assigned to a specific workgroup or shift. Shiftboard offers several capabilities in this area including discrete workgroups, role restrictions, and profile data review. See section below on COVID-19 worker assignment checks.
  3. Shiftboard provides several communication tools to help you communicate quickly and flexibly with your remote workforce. See Keeping your workforce updated section below.
  4. Using bulk worker upload tools to rapidly add workers or update their data. See Using worker upload tools section below.

Using Profile Fields to track COVID-19 information

Create Profile Fields in each account to help track critical COVID-19 information.

These fields are: 

  • Easily reportable through standard reports and also available in custom reports specific to your use case. 
  • We have a wide variety of selections when it comes to profile fields and how you want it to display within the account from an open Text, Number, Currency, Yes/No, single check, Dates, Etc. 
  • These fields will also be available to filter by when assigning shifts to ensure the right people are scheduled. For example, we can add a question to the worker profile to reflect ‘COVID-19 Cleared to work?’ with a Yes/No response.

If you would like to add additional information to your worker accounts, please let your Customer Success Manager know, or by sending a request to or by calling 1-800-583-1041 M-F 6am to 5pm PST.

Some example uses of profile fields are:

  • Using Yes/No fields to ask employees if they are cleared to work and don't have COVID-19.
  • Using Yes/No fields to ask if employees, or any member of their household, visited and area subject to travel restrictions within the past 14 days.
  • Using Date fields to ask when their last COVID-19 screening was.

Profile Fields can also drive notifications and reporting:

  • If a date field is chosen similar to the example above, we can set a reminder to go out to management and the worker when the date is close to expiration to ensure you have the most up to date information. 
  • Once the fields are added, you can go to Reports>Personnel Profile to access all of the worker information you need. 

These fields can also be updated in bulk and added to the Worker Account Upload template when adding new workers. This is discussed further below.

COVID-19 worker readiness checks

Shiftboard offers several tools that can be used to verify COVID-19 readiness information at the point of assignment. Because these tools have dependencies on other areas of your Shiftboard instance configuration, some of these tools may work better for you than others. Shiftboard support can assist you with tool selection.

Team assignments and/or role restrictions can help you screen workers at the point of shift assignment. 

  • Workers can be assigned to Workgroups (and optionally Roles) that reflect specific COVID-19 readiness qualifications
  • When you create shifts with COVID-19 readiness sensitivity you can create the shift for those Teams or Roles so that only qualified workers can pick up or be assigned to those shifts.

For example, you can have a role listed as ‘Cleared to Work’ and if accounts do not have that role designated and it's listed on the shift, they will not be available to pick up the shift nor be assigned. There is more information located here on the use of Roles within Shiftboard.

Additionally, the COVID-19 profile information referenced in the previous section can also be made visible to schedulers when assigning workers to shifts, to act as a qualification filter on who is available. Select the Profile Type on the Assignment form to enable these Extended Filters.

For more information on which of the above techniques may be most relevant to your situation and needs, please let your Customer Success Manager know, or by sending a request to or by calling 1-800-583-1041 M-F 6am to 5pm PST.

Using communication tools to keep your workforce updated

Shiftboard’s News Page allows you to provide company-wide or team-specific COVID-19 updates, and to refresh those updates frequently in this very dynamic environment. See these instructions on how to configure your news page. If you have not already done so you also can set workers default login to this page so that it is the first page they see when they access the system.

Shiftboard is designed to provide many ways to communicate with your staff quickly and efficiently via our Broadcast Messaging Tool in our Classic Interface or the New Interface

  • Message the entire organization at once
  • Message specific Workgroups with/without additional filtering

You can also direct message workers on an individual basis as needed through the member account or on the shift itself. 

Getting information out to remote workers quickly means a greater reliance on mobile devices. Shiftboard has the ability to send notifications to workers via both email and text to reach a field audience. Ensuring correct and complete mobile contact information for all of your workers is also vital, which is covered in the next section.

Using upload tools to add or update worker information in bulk

Many organizations may have a large number of volunteers and/or staff being onboarded to assist with organizational needs during the COVID-19 outbreak, using the below workflow, we can help you get these new workers into the site along with any related data you need to report on or track.

Update Worker Accounts Manually
  1. People>All Members>Add
  • Required Fields: First and Last Name and Email Address, the other information is optional. If they do not have an email address, select ‘No Email’ and Shiftboard will generate one. (non-working)

Upload Worker Accounts in Bulk

We will send you a template to fill in the applicants data in an excel file which can include as many members at once as needed in a row by row format in addition to any other profile data that you need on hand.

  • Required Fields: First and Last Name and Email Address, the other information is optional. If they do not have an email address, select ‘No Email’ and Shiftboard will generate one. (non-working)

If you need additional profile information, be sure to let us know as we will want to be sure it's in the site so it appears on the template sent. More information is located here, which includes a downloadable template.

If this is a one-time request you can email the file to our Support Team at or by to your onboarding specialist.

If you foresee having to upload new accounts on a regular basis we can enable a self-service option so that you can process your own uploads as needed. Give us a call at 1-800-583-1041 so we can work with you on next steps.

Adding members from either of the above steps to respective Workgroup(s)/Team(s) -

  1. Go to Teams>All Teams and click on the bolded name you wish to start with.
  2. Click on ‘Members…” to the right directly across from ‘Nickname or Code’
  3. Select ‘Add Members’ at the top of the next page, this will populate a list of all members NOT on that WorkGroup/Team
  1. Check the box next to each member you need to add to the WorkGroup/Team on the far left side of the page.
  2. Once completed, at the top of the page, click ‘Add Selected Member’

Prior to choosing the button, to the left, you can adjust the Permissions within the group to Member, Coordinator or Manager. It will default to Member.

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