No Show

No Show 

The No Show option lets managers track whenever members do not show up. To enable the No Show tool, click the Settings gear>Application Settings>Calendar>No Show Tools. In the dropdown, you can simply enable the no show tool, or you can enable the no show tool with reason codes.

Reason codes can be whatever fits your organizations's needs, but common no show reasons are Emergency, Sick/Illness, or No Reason. If you enable "No Show" with reasons code, you can manage the No reasons by clicking the No Show Reasons text next to the setting dropdown.

Once you made enabled this setting, click update at the top of the Settings page.

Marking No Shows

Once this tool has been enabled, you have the ability to mark when members do not show up to an assigned shift. There are two main ways to do this.  The first is for when you need to mark a no show for a day of scheduled shift. Click the Who's On Button>Scheduled. From the pop up screen, you can click the mark no show button. 

Now, an additional pop up screen will appear and if you have reason codes turned on, you will be able to select a reason, then click mark no show. If you are not using reason codes, simply click mark as no show.

The second is by marking no show from the calendar. To do this, go to Calendar>Schedules. Click on the shift that you need to mark as a no show. In the box that appears, click the mark no show text. This option will not appear for future shifts, but will appear for past or same day shifts. 

Once you click this, a box will appear. If you have enabled the reason codes, you will select the reason for a no show on this screen and then click mark as no show. If you have not enabled reason codes, simply click mark as no show. 

No Show Report

You are able to run a report on no shows as well as the corresponding reasons for the no shows if no show reasons are enabled. To access this report, click the Report Icon>Shifts>Shift Schedules. On this screen, fill in the date range that you would like the report to pull information for. Then, click the filter dropdown and select attendance. An additional box will appear with an attendance dropdown. In the dropdown, select No Show. If no show reasons have been added, you can filter your report further by specific reasons. Next, click Get Report. The information that appears is just an overview of the report information. For full details, click the download button to export a copy of the report.

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