Custom Shift Fields

Custom Shift Fields

Custom shift field gives you the ability to track additional information that is tailored to your organization when building out shifts. Below is an example of how these custom fields will appear when building a new shift. 

Adding Custom Shift Fields

  1. Site administrators can add a custom shift field by clicking the Settings Cog> Application Settings >Schedules> Custom Text/Dropdown/Multipick Field Settings. 
  2. Select the type of Custom Field you would like to add and select the checkbox to the left of the label to activate the field. For more information about what the fields entail, please see below.
    • Text Fields: This is an open text field where you can type in up to 40 characters that will show on the shifts. You cannot filter by these fields in reports. When setting up custom text fields, you can select the permission levels that can view and edit these fields. 
    • Dropdown Fields: These fields allow you to choose from a selection of standard options. Shift reports are able to be filtered using custom shift dropdown fields. 
    • Multipick Fields: These fields allow you to make multiple selections with the same label. So, in the example above, if there were many different Uniform pieces, this type of field allows me to select multiple options. Shift reports can be filtered by individual mulipick selections. 
  3.  If you are adding a custom text field, input the label name and select who should be able to view and update these fields>Click Submit
  • If adding a dropdown or multipick field, add in the label name and the plural version of the name>Click Submit. Then, once back on the Schedule settings page, select the field settings again>Click Edit Allowed Values>Add in your selection option. 


As mentioned above, you can run a report for your custom dropdown and mulipick fields. To do this, go to Reports>Shifts>Shift Schedules. Then, select the filters dropdown and select the checkbox of the field you would like to filter for. This will generate another checkbox where you can select the specific multipick or dropdown value to filter for. Make your selection and then click Get Report. 

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