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The Sign-Up Lists tool is one of three ways shifts can be assigned in Shiftboard. This method allows members to express interest in a shift by adding their name to an electronic Sign-Up List. Their manager is able to maintain control of who gets assigned by selecting an assignee from the electronic list. 


Members can click on a shift they are interested in and add their name to the Sign-Up List. They also have the option to include a message to their Manager with their request. Members can only sign up using their own names and do not have the ability to add other members' names to the Sign-Up List. They cannot add their name to a list more than once per shift. 

When a Manager is ready to select an assignee for a shift, they can reference the list of everyone who has signed up and select a member directly from that list. If seniority is being utilized, Managers can take account score into consideration when selecting a member from the list.

How To Use Sign-Up Lists

Creating a Sign-up List shift is easy. When creating a shift, simply choose the Sign-Up List option. If a shift is created as Allow Pick Up or No Pick Up, and a Manager wishes to make this an Allow Pick Up shift, they can edit that on an ad-hoc basis or use the bulk change tool.

Follow these steps to manage a Sign-Up List:

  1. Click on the shift to be assigned
  2. Click "Sign-Up List"
  3. Click "Manage List"
  4. Click the check box next to the member's name to assign to the shift. To send a message to the selected member, enter a message in the text box.
  5. Click "Assign Selected" 
  6. To send a message to members who have not been selected, enter a message in the text box within the Sign-up List screen. Click on "Message Only: Unassigned." 

Additional Information

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