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A timecard is a record of hours that a member worked and can be used for reporting or payroll purposes. If using the time clock functionality, timecards are automatically created once a member has clocked in/out for their shift. If time clock is disabled or if a member may have forgotten to clock-in for their shift, a timecard can be entered by going into MyAccount or the top-menu and selecting Timecards.

Adding a Timecard

To create a timecard, click on the Timecard section, which will display a screen showing timecards from a specified date range. Click on the "Add Timecard" button, specify the member to create a timecard for, and depending on the configuration settings what shift or workgroup the timecard applies to. If there is not a shift to associate with the timecard, simply select the option to enter a timecard without a shift. 

After the selections are made, the final screen provides the option to adjust any of the details on the timecard as necessary.

More detailed instructions can be found to the right of the screen.

Timecard List.png

Associate Timecards/Clock-ins with Shifts

When members clock in or submit a timecard they can be asked to associate their work with a specific shift. Manage this by going into Settings > Application Settings > Timekeeper, and then selecting the first setting labeled "Associate Timecards/Clock-ins with Shifts."

  • "Never" means that the member isn't asked about a specific shift. A general timecard will be created for them without any details from any assigned shift.
  • "Always" means that the member must select a specific shift that they have been scheduled to work. All of the data for that shift will be associated with their timecard automatically. 
  • "Sometimes" means that members have the option to associate their timecard with a specific shift, or to create a timecard without any shift information associated with it.

Associate Timecards with shifts.png

Approving and Processing a Timecard

After a timecard is submitted, the next step is to review, approve, and process the timecard. To do this, select the link under the date column to display the timecard detail screen. Once on this screen, add edits or notes if needed before approving and processing the timecard. If the information appears correct and no further edits are required, select the appropriate checkbox to change the status of the timecard.


Timecard Detail.png

Approving/Processing in Bulk

Approving and processing a timecard can also be done in bulk from the timecard list page. In order to approve/process in bulk, select multiple timecards using the first column and then choose the "Approve" or "Process" button above the timecard list.


Timecard Approve Process in Bulk.png


The timecard report can be used to manage payroll for your employees externally. By selecting the Download Report option, you will get more details in an Excel spreadsheet format for each timecard, including rates and notes.

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