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Demand Planner Updates

Coming on April 17th, we will be releasing some updates to the Demand Planner tool! These updates simplify the upload process and decrease the number of clicks needed to use the tool. This article provides an overview of these changes. To learn more about how to use Demand Planner in your workforce scheduling, please contact your Customer Success Manager or your Account Manager.


Now, only one input screen which can be saved

Our first update integrates the shift inputs in the same screen as the service level inputs. This consolidation reduces the number of screens and clicks needed to submit information.


We have added the option to save your input settings making it faster to use the tool after the initial configuration. 



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The second series of changes are also targeted at simplifying your usage of Demand Planner. We have moved the work group designation into the Demand Planner template instead of a part of any on-screen steps.


Work group selections are now a part of the Demand Planner template

In streamlining the workflow, we have added the work group or team designation to the Planning template. This inclusion allows you to leverage the demand planning process for all your teams at once. To support this improvement, we have removed the work group selection from the input screen.


Applying shifts to the schedule just got easier

Previously, Demand Planner would create a spreadsheet of shifts for you to download. With our latest improvements, you are now able to apply shifts to the calendar from within the Demand Planner interface. By selecting the “Apply Shifts to Calendar” option, you will be presented with familiar options to apply and auto-assign these shifts onto the schedule without any input needed from you.


If you would like to manually assign or edit the shifts in any way, you will still be able to download the shifts and then upload via the Bulk Upload tools.


Submit your Planning template using DropPoint

 We are able to receive your Demand Planning template by the DropPoint service if you have it configured for your site. Enabling this process will auto load the shifts onto the schedule and potentially auto-assign based on your settings. 


Legacy workflows will continue to be supported

While we have made these improvements to make Demand Planner an easier tool, if you use different steps or templates, those will continue to be supported.


Specifically, the Position Requirements template can continue to be used instead of the Demand Planning template. 


A download option is still available for the output of the Demand Planner tool enabling you to manually upload the shifts in order to add additional information to the shift details. 


For more information about the steps to use Demand Planner, please read our step-by-step instructions available here.

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