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Tiers and Prioritized Pick-Up

Tiers can be used to set up rankings for team members. This tool is intended to be used in conjunction with Prioritized Pick-Up in order to allow shifts to be released to top tiers first and then gradually released to the remaining tiers. This allows managers to give priority to their top tiers. Each team member can be grouped into to their respective tiers. If someone is a member of multiple teams, they can have different tier assignments for each team. With Prioritized Pick-Up, Allow Pick-Up shifts would be released to the top tier first for a specified amount of time and then opened up to the next tier and so on. The manager would specify the amount of time between each tiered release.

Important notes: 

  • A Tier3 ticket is required in order to turn on this tool. 
  • As best practice, managers should leave blank spaces between each tier name in the case that there is a need to add additional tiers. If a tier is renamed, members with the old tier will have their tier name automatically changed to the new name. This occurs even if the old name is moved to a different location in the list of tiers. Essentially, members' tiers are tied to the line the tier name is entered into and not the tier name itself. 
  • Once a manager specifies the amount of time between the release to each tier, there is no way to edit it. Shifts need to be deleted and recreated when a change needs to be made.
  • Prioritized Pick-Up can only be used in conjunction with Tiers. Tiers can be used on their own, but have little purpose when used without Prioritized Pick-Up.
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