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Shiftboard Drop Point Service

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Welcome to the Drop Point Service from Shiftboard. Your user account has been created and is ready for you to test connectivity. To connect to the Drop Point service, please use SFTP to connect using the following information:


Port: 22

Username: sbd<id>

Example SFTP commands

Unix/Mac: sftp

Windows: psftp -i shiftboard_droppoint.ppk

Interaction with the service:

When you connect, you will find the following four directories already exist.

incoming/ Where you place CSV files you want us to process.
outgoing/ Where we will place files for you to pick up.
processed/ Contains files that were once in incoming/ but have since been processed by the system.
.ssh/ Contains authorized keys which you can update to add or remove keys which have access to your account.

Files uploaded by you into incoming should be CSV files and named according to the following structure:

  • <Function> - <Date YYYY-MM-DD> - <Counter>. csv

The counter should be incremented with each upload for a given function per day.


  • Availability-2016-12-25-1.csv
  • AccountUpdate-2016-12-25-1.csv
  • AccountUpdate-2016-12-25-2.csv
  • AccountUpdate-2016-12-25-3.csv
  • CoverageLoad-2016-12-25-1.csv
  • CoverageLoad-2016-12-25-2.csv

Files we place for pickup will follow the format:

  • <Function> - <Date/Time YYYYMMDDTHHMM>.csv


  • ShiftboardShifts-20150101T0300.csv

Sample file format:

Shiftboard ID Last Name First Name Day Phone Email Account Status
6982870 Smith John 5555555555 Admin Hold

To update a user, file must have Shiftboard id or external id associate with the upload.

If a user is not in Shiftboard- Upon upload, a user will be created regardless if the user id is in the file.

If a user is in Shiftboard- Shiftboard will update that user based on the matching user id.

If the file is sent with no matching user id then the line(s) in that file will error out and the user will not be updated.



Please contact us via or 1-800-746-7531 ext 2 if you have any questions or issues.

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