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Recently Released Functionality

New iOS App Update

The Shiftboard iOS app has been updated with a more modern look and feel to help members more easily manage their schedules and time off. The following functionality was added so that the app now:

  • Reflects an organization’s colors
  • Makes it easier to view assigned shifts and see shifts that are up for trade
  • Includes "forgot password" functionality on the log-in page and ability to manage passwords in the app
  • Automatically uses the Shiftboard site time for functionality like Timeclock, Time Off and Trade Board
  • Shows the current status of trades
  • Adds updates to the calendar view to include custom fields
  • Maintains member's filters until the next time they log-in.

Link to iTunes 

View Unacknowledged Shifts

Shiftboard Professional and Enterprise editions now include the ability to view shifts that are pending and have not been confirmed by members. These pending (unacknowledged) shifts will show as blue on the calendar views.

Link to Acknowledgements 

Wide Screen View Includes Total Hours

Shiftboard now includes daily and by member total hours scheduled. This summary is viewed on the widescreen staff calendar view.

Link to Calendar Views

The "?" in the Shiftboard navigation now links to The documentation has been updated to help members more quickly navigate and find answers to questions.  

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Now includes custom fields

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